Asylum in Words

Rough, gritted, coarse.

He moved down the wall, running soft hands over round stumps. Understanding flourished as did sadness. He dug into the mound, and pulled out a piece. He hewed the mold in his palm aimlessly.

He made small figures.

He let them drop to a ground her feet glided over.

Feathered threads brushed along his limbs. She coiled and sprang.

Soft talons stroked his face. She snarled; her black mane shuddered as wind rippling a thousand leaves.

He dug into her skin as he had the earth; she gave a youthful yawn, and purred.

His hands found sinewy flesh and dug again.
Bristles on a rough tongue caressed fingers he used to stroke her mouth.

He set her down again, reaching for her leash. Her cage.

His hands on wall again, he reached for braille, and let her guide him.

18 thoughts on “Asylum in Words

  1. The visuals here are really clean and descriptive. I was a little thrown by the repetition of “he” in the first five lines. I don’t know if you meant to do that or not, but overall, a bittersweet scribble.

  2. A vividly visual representation of texture. For me, at least. I suppose you could read it all and feel, rather than see it.
    Deeper than a lot of poetry out there.

    1. Thank you so much! I have been trying to compose short stories that are without nouns or concrete things, but describes everything in texture or other adjectives.
      I didn’t do it fully with this, but I am working on it:)

      Adieu, scribbler

  3. Very well written piece, I like how it starts off vague and then gets more clear as we read further. Also, love the way you use words, gives the reader a feeling of actually being a part of the story.

    1. Thank you so much! I will be very interested to read more of your posts as well! I really did love that leather jacket! 🙂

      Adieu, scribbler

  4. like everyone else, i must agree that your usage of textures is vivid and well-done. don’t know if you meant to repeat the word “dug,” but it seems a bit redundant.

    very interesting, and i shall be keeping an eye out for your scribbles.

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