Inspired by Song

I have mentioned that I listen to music for inspiration when I write, just as sometimes what I eat affects the tenor of my writing. (Hence the sugar, spice, scribbles). From now on, I plan to tell the reader which song I am listening too when I write post. It will be placed directly under the title.

So what music have I listened to today?
While writing this post it has been “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. To be honest the only reason I am listening to this is because I had a part of it incessantly flowing from my lips for the last two hours so now I am sating my minds desire.

I have started writing a new post and for the most part I have been listening to “Arrival of the Birds” by the Cinematic Orchestra. This song is the inspiration for my new Fleur Clementine Adventure that will be arriving shortly. Hopefully before the end of the week, but likely on Sunday or Next Monday. Also, fellow scribbler Ariesgrl has nominated for a one lovely blogger award, so that post will also be coming shortly. And another fellow scribbler, Jessica Mittens, has declared I am one of her favorite blogs for which I am truly grateful.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I wish the best for all!
Adieu, scribbler

A Beautiful Blogger Award

Hello fellow scribblers!

Sorry, I have been so silent. I have been excessively busy lately but I am starting to get into a routine. Anyway, I was informed a few weeks ago that I was nominated for the “A Beautiful Blogger Award”  and I am extremely grateful to 13coco for nominating me! I follow her blog 1st on Trend and it amazing so make sure to stop by here!


1st I am now required to tell my followers 7 things about myself and then I have to nominate 7 other bloggers.

7 Things…

-I like reading all types of books, but I love a book where you cannot tell if the character is good or evil. For anyone who has read William Faulkner’s “Light in August” I loved Christmas (arguably, the protagonist) because he did so much wrong, and, yet his upbringing surely played a factor in his actions.

-I have recently become–really have always been–somewhat obsessed with all things sweet. I was that kid at the birthday party who eats her cake and then ask for seconds, thirds, and then wanted the icing left in the cake container 🙂

-I enjoy simplicity in nearly all things like, fashion, poetry, hair, jewelry, but I prefer dramatic detail in my writing.

-I love dry, sarcastic humour, as I usually find them very funny. I do not think of myself as humorous at all, but sarcasm done correctly tickles me. (I would find you hilarious 13coco)

-I like unexpected endings just as much as interesting beginnings.

-My favorite color is forever shifting, and recently I have found a love for the color amber. Somethings about it reminds me of rich-colored honey sitting on a wooden shelf with the sun flowing through.

-I like scarfs, and I love wearing them in shifting fashions. My favorite way to wear them is having it loosely draped over my head and then one side lazily thrown over one shoulder.

7 Scribblers

  1. New Mercies I See
  2. WhatsReeseWearing
  3. body, remember
  4. That Dude Eddie
  5. Ariesgrl
  6. Memos from the Middle
  7. Brevity

Congratulations all! I truly enjoy your blogs and thanks again to 13coco for the award.