A Beautiful Blogger Award

Hello fellow scribblers!

Sorry, I have been so silent. I have been excessively busy lately but I am starting to get into a routine. Anyway, I was informed a few weeks ago that I was nominated for the “A Beautiful Blogger Award”  and I am extremely grateful to 13coco for nominating me! I follow her blog 1st on Trend and it amazing so make sure to stop by here!


1st I am now required to tell my followers 7 things about myself and then I have to nominate 7 other bloggers.

7 Things…

-I like reading all types of books, but I love a book where you cannot tell if the character is good or evil. For anyone who has read William Faulkner’s “Light in August” I loved Christmas (arguably, the protagonist) because he did so much wrong, and, yet his upbringing surely played a factor in his actions.

-I have recently become–really have always been–somewhat obsessed with all things sweet. I was that kid at the birthday party who eats her cake and then ask for seconds, thirds, and then wanted the icing left in the cake container 🙂

-I enjoy simplicity in nearly all things like, fashion, poetry, hair, jewelry, but I prefer dramatic detail in my writing.

-I love dry, sarcastic humour, as I usually find them very funny. I do not think of myself as humorous at all, but sarcasm done correctly tickles me. (I would find you hilarious 13coco)

-I like unexpected endings just as much as interesting beginnings.

-My favorite color is forever shifting, and recently I have found a love for the color amber. Somethings about it reminds me of rich-colored honey sitting on a wooden shelf with the sun flowing through.

-I like scarfs, and I love wearing them in shifting fashions. My favorite way to wear them is having it loosely draped over my head and then one side lazily thrown over one shoulder.

7 Scribblers

  1. New Mercies I See
  2. WhatsReeseWearing
  3. body, remember
  4. That Dude Eddie
  5. Ariesgrl
  6. Memos from the Middle
  7. Brevity

Congratulations all! I truly enjoy your blogs and thanks again to 13coco for the award.

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