Inspired by Song

I have mentioned that I listen to music for inspiration when I write, just as sometimes what I eat affects the tenor of my writing. (Hence the sugar, spice, scribbles). From now on, I plan to tell the reader which song I am listening too when I write post. It will be placed directly under the title.

So what music have I listened to today?
While writing this post it has been “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. To be honest the only reason I am listening to this is because I had a part of it incessantly flowing from my lips for the last two hours so now I am sating my minds desire.

I have started writing a new post and for the most part I have been listening to “Arrival of the Birds” by the Cinematic Orchestra. This song is the inspiration for my new Fleur Clementine Adventure that will be arriving shortly. Hopefully before the end of the week, but likely on Sunday or Next Monday. Also, fellow scribbler Ariesgrl has nominated for a one lovely blogger award, so that post will also be coming shortly. And another fellow scribbler, Jessica Mittens, has declared I am one of her favorite blogs for which I am truly grateful.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I wish the best for all!
Adieu, scribbler

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