Adieu, Scribbler

Dear Gentle Readers,

My famous little monniker (more like overused salutation) is starting to get me in some trouble.
I try to be a courteous blogger and comment on as many blogs as I can. I don’t want to be the “like”-er who just goes down her post and like them. I like to read the things that my fellow scribblers dish out on the internet just as I hope they read mine. Will I delude myself into thinking that someone is sitting down reading my every post? Maybe. No.
But I assume (expect?) some of my words are being read.

Anyway, after my brief (approx. 5 weeks) too long period away from my blog, I am back again, actively reading and commenting as blogging courtesy dictates.

Yet, I must be becoming used to ending my every thought with “Adieu, Scribbler” (the “s” in scribbler being uppercase only when I hit the shift key hard enough) because it is starting to pop on my screen after I finish writing anything. I have found myself having to stop myself from ending a paper with “Adieu, scribbler.” I finish an email and there it is.  I finish a short essay and there it is. I finish the subject line in an email and there it is

Oh, the energy it will take to limit this habit, that I have become more or less unconscious that I am doing.

Anybody else have these problems? I would love to know if you have anything that you do so often that you do it unconsciously. (Not including breathing 🙂 ) What can I say, misery loves company.

Adieu, scrib—(there I go again)

Oh wait, now I am supposed to do it.
Adieu, Scribbler 🙂

song that inspired this: Robin Thicke Dreamworld food that provoked this: Original Pringles mood du jour: unfortunately, still ailing but on the mend.

6 thoughts on “Adieu, Scribbler

  1. Oh yes, I know the feeling. I end so many emails at work with “Thanks for your help.” that it has more or less become my email greeting line! Almost at home, too, haha.

    1. It so simple a thing to do, but because you repeat it so much it becomes natural even though it is not always necessary. I sincerely hope this doesn’t becomes my greeting too 🙂

      Adieu, Scribbler 🙂

  2. Haha! This post made me laugh because it reminded me of when I used to work at the front desk at one of my first jobs and the rare times I would answer the phone at home and go “Hello, office of XYZ, how may I help you?”. Not really a misery more like memories (well in my case).

    1. Wow! I hope mine does not become that troublesome 🙂

      I am glad it made you laugh! It is not like the problem is too miserable now because I am catching myself, but I am worried about when I don’t. 🙂

      Adieu, scribbler

  3. May seem off topic but what clicked with me in terms of this post was the portion of are people reading your words. I know that feeling, I know I just started this 2-3 days ago but I do know alot off people are going to see my posts through social medias. I want people to connect or have some trigger within them when they read it. Although your post was not focused on that, that’s the direct connection I made.

    1. That’s okay 🙂 I think that people will connect with this portion more than the original meaning anyway just because I am sure every blogger has experienced this in some way. 🙂

      Adieu, Scribbler

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