About the Scribbler–sur moi!

Am I the only person who has come to this page and thought: Hmm….what to write here? 

My title “scribbler” derived from a book that I read a few years ago that I found profound in its simplicity.  I have redefined scribbler as a person who has brief moments of literary explosions, spurred by taste that can only be sated by a release of thought.

I scribble stories, words, and thoughts that come to mind in the hopes to give someone inspiration and to release my thoughts. My words are my melody and my art.

Adieu, Scribbler



Small Disclaimer: Header Picture, taken by me of a book by Lauren Willig, The Seduction of Crimson Rose

31 thoughts on “About the Scribbler–sur moi!

  1. I very much like the word “scribbler.” It’s a bit vague, which makes it suitable for both novelists and bloggers.
    Do you post only minor things here, or is “The Adventures of Fleur Clementine” part of your novel? Just a quick tip–if you plan to get “Fleur” published, it’s a good idea to at least make such posts private.
    Regardless, I’m very happy to see historical fiction!

    1. I am working on a novel that I hope to publish someday :), but Fleur is specifically for my blog. Most of the stories I post on thescribblerarchive will be minor. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi. My name is Nicole, aka Ariesgrl, thanks for liking my post. I came and checked out your site, which is very nice. I will be following it now. Have a great day!
    Thanks again,

  3. I like the name of your blog! I love to scribble too. I keep a notepad and pen on my bedside table because sometimes I like to wake up in the middle of the night and scribble down my thoughts.
    Scribble away! 🙂

    ~ Shaza ~

    1. I love scribbling. I used to have a notebook that I would scribble ideas, and words and phrases that I liked.

      Thank you so much for the response!

      Adieu, scribbler

    1. I definitely will!
      I I am not trying to get something down fast, I like writing it. I used to carry compositions around and write any inspiration that came to mind.

      Adieu, scribbler

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your blog name, and no, you aren’t the only one to wonder what to write on the about page. 😉

  5. A belated hello and thanks for the like on my story and for following my press. I’ve only just started creative writing as a hobby recently and it’s a big confidence boost if people are liking and sharing my work at this very early stage.
    I hope you keep checking back as I’ll be back with new stuff as it comes. 🙂

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog the fabulous misAdventures of Cowboy and Nina and your warm Congratualtions. I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog and the freedom it permits you and fellow readers to ‘scribble’. I too find the experience of writing liberating, I just wish I could spend more time doing it, it helps me make sense of my world. Keep up the ‘Scribbles’! You’re doing so helps encourage others to do the same!

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I thoroughly enjoyed reading you misadventures as well and I will continue to do so.

      Writing is a very liberating task and I am grateful to have a kindred spirit.

      Adieu, scribbler

    1. I have taken french classes and I love the language! I haven’t completely mastered writing it and I can kind of ( 🙂 ) read it. Listening to me speak it might make babies cry 🙂

      If you happen to know any french, your constructive criticism would be lovely.

      Adieu, scribbler

      1. I do happen do know quite a lot of it 🙂 Though Im not sure what I would be criticizing 🙂 Other then Commentaires et Critiques. 🙂

        1. 🙂

          I hope to eventually be able to completely translate my post to french. Unfortunately the class is over, so I will be mostly self-teaching. If I completely ruin the french language by making a faux pas 🙂 so great (such as conjugations which always trip me up) please tell me and I will certainly make sure to never ruin your beautiful language in that way again. 🙂

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