Salty Scribble

Darling Reader,

Below is a terrible consequence of a sudden rush of saltiness…

I am a person who has many pet peeves.

Somewhere in my head there is a long list of pet peeves that are too long to write down. Below is me trying 🙂

Some things make me feel particularly punchy… For example, when people decide to go to a library to talk with their friends

Those that pertaining to writing…

+ Writers Block (I generally stay stuck in the worse cases. My words always come in sudden flights of fancy)

+ Wanting to write, but not being able to… (laptop not working, no ink in pen, no paper around that is not important)

+ Coming up with an amazing idea that I let sit, and then seeing some other book or movie that completely conveniently configured stole your idea. Because I am pretty sure I had it first!

Those that don’t…

+ when someone tries to get in the my revolving door cubicle (or whatever you call those little sections). They are oh-so-not made for more than one person.

+ I generally hate it when more than 1 person is calling my name at the same time, I can be asinine when more than 3 are. I have gotten advice that I definitely should not have kids anytime soon. 🙂

+ I hate large hulking things left on the floor, waiting for me, the klutz that I am, to trip over it.

+ when the spirals on my spiral notebooks mess up. I like my spiral notebooks, and I cannot stand it when the wire uncoils

+ a ripped page in a book! Every single word in a book is necessary.

+ annoying mainstream songs that you hear everywhere and get stuck in your head. Call Me Maybe, Anyone?

= A Peeved Me.

What helps?

Ah…soothing music…that’s better!

A Peeved Me – reading, eating, sleeping, ecoutez a little musique, chocolate, tea, etc–the common para-sympathsizers to a bad day

= A Much Happier Me 🙂 x Writing = A Well Written Short Story

Anyone else have a few pet peeves! What do you do to ease the pain? Please share!

food that provoked me: good old fashioned Lays Chips! songs that inspired me: Ellie Goulding’s Figure 8

Adieu, Scribbler

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Happy International Day of the Girl

Darling Readers,

Malala Yousufzai (image source)

In the midst of sex-trafficking, genocide, economic recession, and government corruption, there is one plight that I have always resonated strongly with…the plight of the woman.  If you did not know, today is the International Day of the Girl, and while there are many that deserve award, applause, and honor, the story of one has been a big inspiration to me.

Yesterday, I read a CNN article on a young Pakistani blogger, much like me, hoping her posts could change the world. As a fellow blogger, I am astounded by the power in every word from Malala Yousufzai, a 14-year-old girl who proudly writes to affirm her right to education. Young and resilient, despite the dangers, she continuously writes about attending school in Swat Valley, a militant “hotbed,” hoping that her words can help liberate the people of her country from the Taliban. In danger every time she steps out of her house, she marches on to her school for girls, even though some have already stopped attending, fearing retaliation from Taliban forces. In one post she boldly writes, “I have the right of education…I have the right to speak up.”

Malala’s writing, for which she won Pakistan’s first Peace Prize in November, has been recognized as a beacon for the women’s movement. Her strong opposition to the Taliban, who has already closed many schools for girls as a result of their interpretation of Sharia Law, is clear throughout her posts as she expresses the terrors of artillery fire and nightmares and heartfelt distress as she frets on whether she will be able to attend school after winter break contrasted with her unyielding determination.

Now Malala resides in a hospital, suffering form a cerebral edema after being shot in the neck.  She was allegedly in a van with two other girls on their way school from school when the other two girls were asked which of the three were Malala. After responding, the men opened fire. According to CNN, the Taliban, who are “enraged” about her writings of her daily struggle for education, has claimed responsibility for the shootings and have declared that they will take action again if she lives.

This act of violence has definitely shaken the nation, furthermore, the attack on this much-loved girl is also reverberating across the world. Laura Bush exclaimed that Malala was an inspiration, and Madonna recently honored Malala in one of her songs at a concert in Los Angeles.

Vanessa Mae (image source)

A few minutes ago, I was in my  WordPress reader, looking through posts that others had written and I found that today, many women were speaking out on their right to flaws, their right to curves, or even their right to love themselves, and I am proud to call myself a women. These are also woman, who hope to encourage positive thought with their writing.

I looked at a gallery of pictures (here) which depicted women of all sizes, colours, experiences, and age–such as Melinda Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Melanne Verveer, Vanessa Mae, etc.– who were sharing the fruits of their experience. These women, I cherish as a declaration of how far women have come.

These women are lights in a dark world full of sex-trafficking, discrimination, and abuse.  We have achieved much, and we still have so much more to achieve. Yet still, I celebrate the International Day of the Girl proudly.

As Marilyn Monroe once said, “I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it.”

Adieu, Scribbler

Follow Malala Here!


Adieu, Scribbler

Dear Gentle Readers,

My famous little monniker (more like overused salutation) is starting to get me in some trouble.
I try to be a courteous blogger and comment on as many blogs as I can. I don’t want to be the “like”-er who just goes down her post and like them. I like to read the things that my fellow scribblers dish out on the internet just as I hope they read mine. Will I delude myself into thinking that someone is sitting down reading my every post? Maybe. No.
But I assume (expect?) some of my words are being read.

Anyway, after my brief (approx. 5 weeks) too long period away from my blog, I am back again, actively reading and commenting as blogging courtesy dictates.

Yet, I must be becoming used to ending my every thought with “Adieu, Scribbler” (the “s” in scribbler being uppercase only when I hit the shift key hard enough) because it is starting to pop on my screen after I finish writing anything. I have found myself having to stop myself from ending a paper with “Adieu, scribbler.” I finish an email and there it is.  I finish a short essay and there it is. I finish the subject line in an email and there it is

Oh, the energy it will take to limit this habit, that I have become more or less unconscious that I am doing.

Anybody else have these problems? I would love to know if you have anything that you do so often that you do it unconsciously. (Not including breathing 🙂 ) What can I say, misery loves company.

Adieu, scrib—(there I go again)

Oh wait, now I am supposed to do it.
Adieu, Scribbler 🙂

song that inspired this: Robin Thicke Dreamworld food that provoked this: Original Pringles mood du jour: unfortunately, still ailing but on the mend.

A Beautiful Blogger Award

Hello fellow scribblers!

Sorry, I have been so silent. I have been excessively busy lately but I am starting to get into a routine. Anyway, I was informed a few weeks ago that I was nominated for the “A Beautiful Blogger Award”  and I am extremely grateful to 13coco for nominating me! I follow her blog 1st on Trend and it amazing so make sure to stop by here!


1st I am now required to tell my followers 7 things about myself and then I have to nominate 7 other bloggers.

7 Things…

-I like reading all types of books, but I love a book where you cannot tell if the character is good or evil. For anyone who has read William Faulkner’s “Light in August” I loved Christmas (arguably, the protagonist) because he did so much wrong, and, yet his upbringing surely played a factor in his actions.

-I have recently become–really have always been–somewhat obsessed with all things sweet. I was that kid at the birthday party who eats her cake and then ask for seconds, thirds, and then wanted the icing left in the cake container 🙂

-I enjoy simplicity in nearly all things like, fashion, poetry, hair, jewelry, but I prefer dramatic detail in my writing.

-I love dry, sarcastic humour, as I usually find them very funny. I do not think of myself as humorous at all, but sarcasm done correctly tickles me. (I would find you hilarious 13coco)

-I like unexpected endings just as much as interesting beginnings.

-My favorite color is forever shifting, and recently I have found a love for the color amber. Somethings about it reminds me of rich-colored honey sitting on a wooden shelf with the sun flowing through.

-I like scarfs, and I love wearing them in shifting fashions. My favorite way to wear them is having it loosely draped over my head and then one side lazily thrown over one shoulder.

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Congratulations all! I truly enjoy your blogs and thanks again to 13coco for the award.